Milaca Area Scholarships

    Central Minnesota Community Foundation Scholarships
    The Central Minnesota Community Foundation administers 89 Scholarship Funds for high school students planning post-secondary education for a 2 or 4-year college students. Scholarships available for a general studies and a variety of study areas including Accounting, Agriculture, Architecture, Art, Business Management Finance, Construction Management, Drafting CAD, General Studies, Law Enforcement, Manufacturing, Medical/Health. For local and out of state colleges.

    Download file "George W. Friedrich Scholarship.pdf"
    The George W. Friedrich Foundation is offering up to two $500 scholarships to a Lion's District 5M-8 high school senior. The criteria for this scholarship is as follows: Past and current community service/activities. Upper 50% of class or otherwise deserving. Must attend either a college/university or technical college. involvement in any extracurricular activities. Complete the attached application and a one page typed essay on "How you have, and how you will continue to serve your community and the people within it. Applications must be turned into the Student Services Office by Thursday March 12, 2015

    Download file "Princeton and Milaca Masonic Lodge .pdf"
    The Princeton and Milaca Masonic Lodge has two $1,000 scholarship available to High School Seniors. Applications available in the Student Services Office. Deadline for applying is April 1, 2015.


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